Trust Our Skilled Lead Work in Dartford, Kent

Choose our professional team to carry out your lead roof work. Based in Dartford, Kent, we specialise in providing domestic customers with an extensive range of roof work services. From chimney stacks to skylights, our roof contractors are able to find a solution to your roof problems.

Roof Lead Work Options

Customers will find we provide a variety of lead work solutions for your roof, including new valleys, lead flashing, chimney stacks, parapet walls, and lead gutters. Since our attention to detail is of the highest standard, our lead insulation services will last for many years to come. If you have a specific roof requirement, please feel free to get in contact with us and we'll discuss this in further detail.

Lead-Free Alternatives

Today, there is a range of high quality lead-free flashing at affordable prices on the market. It can be used where lead has traditionally been used, such as chimney flashing, around skylights and pitched valley linings.


The ever increasing prices of lead has resulted in a huge amount of lead thefts from churches and other buildings, which in turn increases insurance premiums, is creating a demand for lead free roofing materials.

The Benefits of Lead-Free Alternatives

The main benefit of lead-free materials is it's manageable, so you're able to create any shape you require for your roof job. This has no scrap value, which means there's no risk of theft. The material is also environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable.

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