Creating a Stunning Roofline in Dartford, Kent

G. Brodie & Sons Roofing Services can improve the appearance of your property and reduce the maintenance on your property by changing from wood to uPVC. Wood is traditionally used on the outside of your home ( fascia boards, soffit boards, barge boards etc ). The problem with this is it needs regular maintenance including painting to stop wood rot. uPVC will not rot or need painting leaving you with a smart, clean, low maintenance long lasting material that will look good for years to come. It also gives you a solid base to install your guttering system upon. Upvc fascia board, soffit board and guttering comes in a variety of colour choices. Choose G Brodie & Sons Roofing Services, in Dartford, Kent, to replace and renew them. Alongside our lead roof work and repairs, we also provide comprehensive roofline and guttering services to perfect the external appearance of your property's roofline.

Choosing uPVC Facias and Soffits

Improve the appearance of your property and reduce the maintenance required by switching your fascias and soffits from wood to uPVC. Wood is the traditional material used, but it degrades quickly, is often damaged by water, and rots quickly. uPVC, on the other hand, will not rot and will also leave your paint looking smart and clean.


Choosing uPVC also offers a solid base from which to install your gutters, and is also available in an extensive variety of colours.

Efficient and Durable Guttering

Over time your gutters are likely to suffer a problem, whether they are leaking, damaged, or blocked, which may lead to damp or water appearing in your property. Get in touch with our roofers to protect your home and find a solution. We offer an array of guttering systems, depending on your needs and current setup, including plastic and cast iron installations. Another common reason for replacing your gutter is to change their colour, in which case we offer gutters in several colours.

Contact us now, in Dartford, Kent, to obtain more information about our guttering and roofline services.